Roofer Finglas

Roofer Finglas

Need a Roofer Finglas? Do you need Roof Repairs? Are you facing a constant problem with the roof tiling? Are you worried about the winter’s effect on the roof? Are you tired of the rusty and deformed look of your home’s roof?

Roofers Finglas work in your area and are ready to help you get a price on your roofing problems no matter the weather.

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Specialising in professional and dedicated roofing assistance, our roofer Dublin services encompass all kind of roofing solutions.

Be it for residential or commercial roofing, our team of highly qualified roofers are here to provide effective and emergency roof repairing services that will not only bring a smart change to the entire décor but also maintain the durability of your roof.

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The roofer Dublin services are also ideal for treating roofs that have been damaged by storms, extreme weather conditions, leaking or any kind of external hazard.

The experienced team members can provide assistance for all kind of roofs, including tiles, fibreglass, slates and mineral felt flat roof coverings.

We also make new roof installation, repairing of existing roofs, asbestos removal, roof ride repointing, skylight repairs, gutter installation and emergency leaking roofing call outs.

Roof Repairs Finglas

Every roof repair deserves special attention and with our roof repairs Finglas services, you can be rest assured of our reliable and prompt roof assistance which comes at unbelievable prices.

Our high-quality roof repair Finglas services add value to every customer’s life by providing robust and effective roofing services for a long period.

While installing new roofs or repairing old ones in Finglas, we make sure that the best of the products are administered so that the clients are assured of their safety.

During roof repairs, we also make sure that the chimney flashings are taken care of by the experts.

Roofing Finglas services are incomplete without superior quality waterproofing and our team members make sure that it is done with perfection.

Give us a call or fill out our free quote form to get in touch with our local roofer in Finglas.

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The roofing guys where excellent to deal with.

Thomas and the lads in Roofers Dublin done a excellent job on my roof after a storm damaged 5 slates and my guttering. Affordable, Reliable and best of all trusted!
By: Kevin in Dublin

5 / 5 stars

Roofers Dublin Frequently Ask Questions

Who is the best roofing company in Dublin?

There are so many roofing companies in Dublin and Ireland as a whole. You have your roofing contractors that are nationwide and could have upwards of 500 roofers employed. You also have your local roofers that service specific locations in Dublin and all other counties. It would be difficult to say who are the best roofing companies. But what you can do is make that decision for yourself by doing your research on a roofing company you are considering in hiring. Check their social media, Google reviews and other websites.

How much does it cost to replace a roof in Ireland?

The short answer to "How much does it cost to replace a roof in Ireland?" would be it depends. It can be very hard to quote or give an exact price to replace a roof. This is a lot to take into consideration with replacing a roof. You can get in touch with us and we can try our best to help you.

Which is cheaper flat or pitched roof?

According to a well known online roofing calculator, a flat roof is significantly cheaper than a pitched roof. Flat roofs' repair costs are more pricey than pitched roofs are, this is because they are less prone to leaking and moisture damage. A pitched roof may be more affordable long-term. So it's up to yourself what roof style you would like.

Is a hip roof more expensive?

We get asked this "Is a hip roof more expensive?" question quite a lot. Quick answer is yes Hip Roofs are more expensive than Flat and Slate. Hip roofs are more expensive to build than gable roof because it's a more complex design that requires more building materials including a complex system of trusses or rafters. If you wish to get an idea of hip roof costs you can get in touch with us.

What is the average cost of Roof Repairs?

This is a very popular question. Each and every roof repair is unique and some roof repair jobs may take 20 minutes or 2 hours all depending on the damage to the roof of course. It would be very hard to give an average cost but it can be anything from €150 to €500 for simple roof repairs. You can get in touch with our roofing experts and ask the question by calling or filling out our quote form.